Wedding & Event Music

Ceremony Music (approximately 1 hour)
Includes prelude music, ceremony music, and extra music as guests are leaving ceremony 

  • 30 minutes of prelude music as guests are waiting for the ceremony to start
  • Ceremony music typically includes:
    • 1 song for mothers/grandmothers
    • 1 song for bridal party
    • 1 song for bride
    • 1 optional special song during ceremony 
    • 1 song for recessional
  • Extra music while guests are transitioning to the cocktail hour or reception site
Ceremony Music + Cocktail Hour OR Reception (approximately 2 hours)
Includes all of the above, plus 1 hour (typically) of cocktail hour music OR reception music

You just got hitched, and you're blissfully taking pictures! But what are your guests doing? During the cocktail hour before the reception, why not provide your guests with some live music to entertain and create memories during all parts of your special day. 
Ceremony Music + Cocktail Hour AND Reception (approximately 3 hours)
​Includes ceremony music, plus 1 hour of cocktail hour music AND 1 hour (typically) of reception music

If you're interested in having live music during all or part of your reception as well as the ceremony, we can make that happen! And if you're thinking you don't want classical music at your reception... we've got a large catalogue of pop, classic rock, and jazz standards (and we can arrange any special songs for a small fee!). 

Other Events
We can provide music for any event you can think of-- birthday parties, receptions, galas, corporate events, etc. Contact us for more information and to run an idea by us, we love playing and we're not picky!
Ensemble Options
We offer any string ensemble you can think of, but the following are the standard ensembles:

  • Solo String (1 player): violin, viola, cello, or double bass solo
  • Duo (2 players)
  • Trio (3 players): this is the recommended ensemble for smaller events, as it is both a great balance and blend of sound and budget-friendly!
  • Quartet (4 players): this is the standard wedding ensemble, and is recommended for most weddings as it is the ideal balance of sound and beautiful tone. A string quartet is called a 16-string instrument because of this balance!
  • Quintet (5 players): this group includes the double bass, which adds a depth and richness to the ensemble. This group is great for larger weddings and grandiose events. 

Price is associated with number of players. Contact us for more information!